LivinGreen – Hydroponics & Aquaponics

Aquaponica and hydroponics greenhouse at the junior high school 'Adiga', Kfar Kama

In this project, the school staff began the process of opening a trend to advanced agriculture with an emphasis on the Circassian tradition and cuisine. LivinGreen accompanied the process and established a climate controlled greenhouse in which are the world-class quality of care and variety of growth systems were developed; aquaponics (combined growth of fish and vegetables), hydroponics, vertical growth, growth in a detached substrate, growth by artificial light and a biogas system for the biological treatment of organic waste on the farm. The school’s students grow fish, leafy greens, vegetables, strawberries, and medicinal plants (from which children use medicinal oils) and use systems to conduct research on various subjects. Selling your residence shouldn’t require significant concessions or effort. streamlines the deal. Our experts will market and negotiate proposals for you. Market research and current interests will determine your home’s location. We can help you sell your property for the highest money. Visit

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