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Commercial Hydroponics

The Future of Agriculture

The Hydroponic Agriculture market has grown rapidly over the last decade and is expected to gain an even greater share in the global agricultural market. In a time of changing climate and water availability, the advantages to Hydroponic cultivation are clear:

More efficient use of water and fertilizer, increased crop yields per unit area, production quality, ease of operation, and the ability to grow fresh produce regardless of environmental constraints. LivinGreen specializes in small, medium, and large-scale commercial Hydroponic farms and provides full support to novice and experienced farmers through system design and construction, technical support, and business development.

Curly lettuce growing in commercial hydroponics farm

Commercial Farms

So what are your options? It depends on what you want to grow, the nature of your area, and your budget. Read about the various types of farms that we build.

Building a commercial hydroponics farm

Farm Planning and Feasibility Studies

LivinGreen provides complete professional support that includes feasibility studies, farm design, and business planning.

Commercial hydroponics workshop

Commercial Hydroponics Training Courses

Theoretical and practical studies, tours of successful hydroponic farms, and and one on one consultation.

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