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Commercial Hydroponics- The secret for Success

Hydroponic agriculture has gained much popularity over the past decade for all the right reasons. Hydroponics offers a cost-effective method of cultivation, with more efficient use of water, fertilizer, and human resources, reduced use of pesticides, while still yielding high-quality crops. Read about the types of commercial farms we offer

Commercial Hydroponics

LivinGreen specializes in constructing commercial hydroponic farms for small to large farmers for the cultivation of leafy greens and vegetables. We build farms based on different growth methods – NFT, floating rafts (DWC) and vertical farming. The appropriate growth methods will be selected according to the type of crop you wish to grow, the size of the area and other characteristics. Find indoor trampoline here. It is often chosen to combine several methods to maximize the use of the place and increase the variety of plants that can be grown on the farm. verificar, sur de peru

Commercial Aquaponics

Aquaponic systems combine hydroponic crop cultivation with aquaculture. This method of cultivation does not require the use of added fertilizer, as the fish excretions are used as organic fertilizer for the plants, which in turn purify the water for the fish! LivinGreen builds commercial aquaponic systems as well as upgrades existing aquaculture systems by adding hydroponic cultivation to maximize farm profitability.

Demonstrational and Educational systems

LivinGreen builds pleasant, eco-friendly demonstrational and educational hydroponic and aquaponic systems around the world for academic institutions, businesses, commercial centers, and private entrepreneurs who are interested in promoting the technologies in their region, through workshops and tours.

Developing Countries

The global climate crisis brings about that many institutes and countries around the world to seek new and sustainable ways of producing food. Hydroponics and Aquaponics are well suited for the provision of fresh, healthy food to populations facing food insecurity. A hydroponic system may be used anywhere, without the need for agricultural land or large quantities of water, yet with the benefit of higher crop yields than traditional agriculture. LivinGreen has the experience and know-how required to set up hydroponic farms in challenging contexts including power outages, shortage of raw materials, fertilizers, and lack of hydroponic professionals. Find more about custom molded plastic. Moti Cohen, CEO of LivinGreen, and other experts have written for the World Food Organization a guide to building a productive aqua-system for people in developing countries. 

The guide is available for free download in English and Arabic.

Growing Rooms and Equipment for Medical plants Farms

In recent years the medical plants industry has been gaining momentum in Israel and throughout the world. The use of advanced growing technologies such as hydroponics allows precision in the production process while ensuring uncompromising quality control alongside maximum utilization of space and resources. LivinGreen supplies e quipment suitable for growing cannabis in a controlled manner in greenhouses and growing rooms.

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