LivinGreen – Hydroponics & Aquaponics

Farm Planning and Feasibility Studies

LivinGreen provides its customers with a feasibility study, farm design, and a business plan for various types of commercial farms including Hydroponics, Aquaponics, urban farms, and Demonstration and Training farms in Israel and abroad. Whether you are an experienced farmer, or novice, setting up a Hydroponic commercial farm based on a well-researched business plan is a step in the right direction for success. A thorough and serious analysis of all the factors that may affect your farm will significantly increase the opportunity for success of the business you dream about.

So what do we offer you?

Feasibility Study

  • Survey of the area and regional climate conditions.

  • Market survey: Who are the potential customers, which crops offer the potential for maximum profitability, what is the regional demand and supply of those products, and who are the competitors.

  • We recommend the type of farm that may be established in terms of cultivation methods and systems, the amount of crops that can be produced per unit area, and the types of crops suitable for future development.


Build your commercial hydroponics farm

Farm design

  • Design schemes of greenhouses, growth systems, flow charts for water and air, 3D sketches of the greenhouse and growing systems.

Business plan

  • Detailed Farm Setup Costs –Capex
  • Annual Expense and Income Calculation – Opex

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