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Hydroponics opens the door to innovative learning of future agriculture and many other fields

Hydroponics as an educational tool

A hydroponic growing system is a wonderful addition to any educational institution and for any age.

Hydroponic growing systems provide a meaningful and multidisciplinary learning experience in the life sciences, ecology and sustainability, chemistry, nutrition, water, plant science, water, alternative energy, technology and more. In addition, it allows productivity, dealing with community and urban agriculture.

LivinGreen has extensive experience in educational institutions and offers a variety of educational systems and innovative learning spaces suitable for elementary, high schools, enrichment centers, special education and more.

A variety of educational options

We offer and establish learning systems and learning spaces that are suitable for a wide range of ages and provide a complete solution for educational institutions, from planning the system and adapting it to the institution’s needs, training and ongoing accompaniment of the educational staff to appropriate lesson plans.

Learning Space

An open space Hydroponic study area, which contains various types of hydroponic growth systems alongside a pleasant green sitting area.

The various systems support a variety of activities and experiments that can be conducted with students of different age groups.

The students are invited to tour the compound and learn about the field of hydroponics and future agriculture.

Educators are invited to use the various characteristics of the growing systems as study aids in different subjects and fields of study

Growing indoors

The indoor Hydroponic systems uses cost-effective LED lighting. those systems in the science class can be an experimenting , will create a green and pleasant environment for the students, and will provide, with miracle movers, an center of responsibility and interest for the students, enriching the learning process with a variety of subjects.

Special Education

Hydroponic systems flexible in planning and designing making them a wonderful therapeutic tool for special education institutions.

Working in a hydroponic therapeutic garden helps in acquiring new ideas and learning through structured processes as well as breaking the routine and stimulating all the senses.

Green walls

Walls and green areas in the school corridors provides a sense of closeness to nature and induces a relaxed and peaceful educational environment.

Find here Curry Supply Co. Setting up a hydroponic green wall is an easy and economical way to turn underutilized or neglected spaces into pleasant spots for the benefit of the students and the educational staff.

Educational greenhouses

Educational Greenhouses of various sizes containing a set of growing systems tailored for the needs of the school.

These study areas are perfect for biology and agricultural courses and provides students with a wealth of possibilities for biomedical and experimental projects.

It is possible to plan a production area in a greenhouse where students can grow crops of their choice, which they can use in other projects.

Hydroponics for your institution

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