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Green walls

Color your life with nature

A natural, living, decorative wall cover for your office, restaurante, school or home

Green walls have gained popularity in recent years for being a natural, living, decorative wall cover, enhancing a sense of tranquility and closeness to nature. In addition, they insulate noise and act as a green lung.

Hydroponic walls are simple to install and maintain. They can support large plants and their cost is low compared to standard green walls. A hydroponic green wall is usually based on round or square shaped tubes in which plants roots are directly watered and nourished.

The system’s modular and aesthetic structure redefines the space around it. 

We have compiled some of our favorite projects that will set your imagination.

Urban Revival

The project at Givon Square in Tel Aviv is a good example of how a hydroponic green wall can transform neglected urban corners

Decorate the concrete jungle with vertical gardens

Green office

An aesthetically pleasing seating area enriched with air purifying plants and releases pressure in the office

Living walls

In the Leitner courtyard In Zichron Yaacov, hydroponic growing tubes are mounted along the walls, creating a sense of flow within the passageway.

On the edge

A lush hydroponic canal along the railing will make every balcony or roof exceptionally remarkable

Tropical Island

In a hydroponic green wall you can easily grow large plants like Colocasia and Canna Indica and turn every corner you wish into a unique and lush tropical garden.