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Grow your own

Now simple as ever

Have you always wanted a plentiful vegetable garden, or to grow veggies on your balcony to add fresh lettuce to your salad, all without pesticide?
Growing vegetables at home was never easier
All you need is a domestic Hydroponic system. It is simple to use, water efficient, requires little effort and can be applied anywhere – In your back yard, Balcony, home or office.
‘Livingreen’ supplies a variety of Hydroponics systems, workshops, and tours in production farms and is a source of knowledge for the home grower.

Feed your family with a hydroponics garden

What fits you best?

A meal for the whole family or fresh herbs any time? A house garden or a city Balcony? Check which system is perfect for you

Hydroponics training course for local community

Workshops and tours

We believe in spreading the vast knowledge we have acquired in the field. Learn Hydroponics, Aquaponics and Urban farming from experts

Grow your own salad greens with GreenBox hydroponic system

Products Catalog

Visit our store and view the wide selection of systems LivinGreen offers For your balcony, garden, office and school.

Itching to grow vegetables? Want greens without pesticides? Contact us and start growing

Do It Yourself

Build your own vertical system

Be inspired by others already growing..

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Volunteering in LivinGreen

We invite you to come and enjoy a unique experience in our farms.

Buy local! Eat fresh hydroponic vegetables

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