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Grow your own - what fits you best?

When choosing the growing system that suits you, you should consider several factors: the climate in which you live, the system’s location and size, your budget, the types of vegetables you plan to grow, the system’s design and your preferred growing method. We believe there is a suitable system for anyone

No place to grow? It's time to climb the walls!

Vertical growth systems take advantage of the vertical dimension of the available space. LivinGreen’s ‘Marom’ series or growing towers are the preferred solution when our space is limited, but we still wish to grow a significant amount of vegetable. For example, on the balcony, in a small courtyard or on a lit wall indoors. A vertical vegetable garden will easily produce the variety of greens you consume and can support some fruit crops such as tomato and cucumber.

Want to grow mostly vegetables?

Fruiting plants (tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, zucchini, etc.) are characterized by a longer growth period and a larger root system, so we prefer growing them in systems with a large body of water or in “growing media” such as tuff or hydrotone. The ‘Yuval’ or ‘Livingfruit’ systems are made for that purpose. At waist height they can be easily trellised and vegetable growing turns into an easy and pleasant activity for the whole family.

Afraid of rain or cold?

It’s time for the greenhouse. LivinGreen provides greenhouse structures of various sizes, and developed the innovative system: ‘LivingBox’ – a mini-greenhouse Suitable for growing leafy greens and fruiting plants

Ain't no sunshine?

Do you lack natural sunlight but your hands still itch to grow hydroponically? The ‘Or’ system is a compact system suitable for growing a number of herbs on kitchen counter-tops. A cost-effective LED light will provide plants with all the light they need.

No biggy

Only have a window sill or a corner on the counter? A smaller system for growing a limited number of plants may be right for you. In a mini-hydro system you can grow a number of fresh herbs, greens and even ornamental plants.

Rather do it yourself?

Setting up a hydroponic or aquaponic system is a great solution for those interested in the joy of building, learning as you go, saving money and of course a system that works for you and grows your vegetables visit website. We offer complete kits including free construction guides that are published on our website.

Love fish?

Aquaponics is a method that combines fish farming with hydroponics. In an aquaponics system the fish secretions are used as organic fertilizer for plants while the plants purify the water for the fish Move Central. You can connect a fish pond to various hydroponic growth systems. It’s recommended that the system includes a flood and drain tank.

Itching to grow vegetables? Want greens without pesticides? Contact us and start growing

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