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Local Farming in Israel

The story of 'green in the village'

In a pastoral landscape, among the fields of Kibbutz Hukuk lies a unique green farm.
‘Green in the Village’ offers their customer a rich variety of greens, exotic edible plants, herbs and even edible fish, grown in environmental friendly methods.

Why local farming?

Local farming is a global trend promoting change in our food consumption.
More people wish to adopt a healthy lifestyle and to know where their food comes from and what environmental impact it has.

Why 'green in the village'?

  • The vegetables we grow are picked in the morning, and are laid on the plate shortly after, at home or in the restaurant.
  • We sell live vegetables with the root -As fresh as it gets! Stored for longer.
  • The vegetables are free of dirt and soil pests
  • Many studies show an exception in the pesticides in the vegetables we consume, so we have vowed to not use chemical pesticides, but only ecological and organic preventative methods.
  • We adhere to environment conservation values and therefore maintain a limited distribution area, recycle farm waste and commit to minimal use of disposable packaging.
Edible flowers growing in NFT Hydroponics system

Workshops and tours

‘Green in the City’ farm holds workshops and tours for groups, schools and seminars for companies and the general public.
In the workshop we will learn how the cultivating methods used in the farm be applied at home by anyone.

For more information on ‘Green on the village’ tour

Modern agriculture education on a hydroponics farm
High quality vegetables growing on a hydroponics farm

Itching to grow vegetables? Want greens without pesticides? Contact us and start growing

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