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Urban farming in Israel

The story of a ‘green in the city’

In the year 2015, in the heart of Tel Aviv, on the rooftops of Dizengoff shopping center, the first urban farm in Israel was founded. The ‘Green in the City’ farm was established by Dizengoff Center and LivinGreen, with the common goal of promoting urban agriculture in Israel.

The productive farm is spread on all of the shopping center’s roofs and produces monthly thousands of green leaves, such as lettuce, basil, parsley, spinach, kale, bok choy and more. The fresh produce is sold to restaurants, shops and private customers located a few miles from the farm. The farm’s customers enjoy an excellent product – Live vegetables harvested with the root, which can be stored without refrigeration for long periods.

What is urban farming?

Urban farming is an act of cultivation, processing and distribution of food in an urban area.

Why urban agriculture?

Rooftop hydroponics farm

Training center and tours

As part of LivinGreen and ‘Dizengoff Center’s sustainability center cooperation, a training farm is operating to deliver knowledge of urban agriculture. You can visit the farm as part of tours and courses and learn about urban agriculture, hydroponics and how to apply these growing methods at home. On site demonstrations on many kits and systems in various sizes for growing greens and vegetables.

Read more about the Urban Farming Workshop

Take a tour at Tel Aviv's first rooftop farm

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