LivinGreen – Hydroponics & Aquaponics

'Urban food' restaurant - We Grow Together initiative

The ‘Urban Food’ chain shares LivinGreen’s green vision, aspiring to make healthy and fresh vegetables, free from chemical pesticides available for everyone.

In Ramat Hahayal branch an NFT greens growing system is located in the restaurant.

A hydroponic farmer from a farm nearby is loading the system with fresh vegetables ready for consumption. Check out

When a salad is ordered, the chef picks the vegetable directly from the system that acts as a living field inside the restaurant and serves it to the customer prestige painters. ‘We Grow Together’ is an initiative that promotes the culture of growing vegetables locally, thus enabling access to healthy and fresh vegetables find more information about condo for sale san diego. The project is also suitable for individuals, offices and schools. Know more on, south carolina board


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